Furious Frank - Ahora Sí
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1. 01 Ahora S (Original Mix) feat Ivy Barkakati
2. 02 Ahora S (Franks Sunrise Mix) feat Ivy Barkakati
3. 03 Ahora S (Ivan Remix) feat Ivy Barkakati
4. 04 Ahora S (D Tiffany Remix) feat Ivy Barkakati

Furious Frank - Ahora Sí

Furious Frank returns to Butter Sessions with 'Ahora Sí'. The fully fledged house anthem is the result of a cross-continental collaboration with Barcelona based vocalist and producer Ivy Barkakati.

We're treated to four versions of 'Ahora Sí', all tested and ready for the dance floor and those special moments! Kicking it off, Frank delivers his "Original Acid Mix". A deep, squelchy lurker with nods to late 80's and 90's house music, peaking with thick piano chords and Barkakati's deep Spanish vocals. On the 'Sunrise' mix, the piano and chords become the focus and set the mood for an uplifting journey, bolstered by the raw thump and jack of the drum machines.

The flip side see's Barcelona based "IVAN" emerge with their version. The duo made up of Ivy Barkakati and Phran of Klasse Wrecks fame slow things down a touch, mangle the chords and inject the rhythm with flattering top-drawer percussion. Vancouver native D. Tiffany rounds the EP off with sub-heavy bass drops, hi-tek rhythms, euphoric vocal slithers and more stingin' acidic vibes.

Pure and infectious house music for real people!

Vinyl, 12", EP