Gary Gritness - The Legend of Cherenkov Blue 2LP


Gary Gritness - The Legend of Cherenkov Blue 2LP

Gary Gritness presents The Legend Of Cherenkov Blue, the soundtrack to a cyber-funk tale of assassination, double-crossing, espionage and street hustling that will have your imagination running wild for the true narrative.

Gary takes you on an aural ride through bad-ass electro-funk; gnarly Roland 606 drum rhythms and soaring riffs glide over these 10 pieces, as the listener experiences every good deal gone wrong, every bad deal gone right, back-stabbing, stolen kisses and dirty scrapes that our hero goes through.

A concept album of the highest order, The Legend Of Cherenkov seamlessly blends its various musical chapters and unbridled variety, and takes you on a ride that’ll have you picking the bits of seat out of your fingernails.

Having formerly appeared on Hypercolour, Clone and Nyami Nyami Records, this is Gary Gritness’s debut full-length album. Live shows have enthralled the crowds at Glastonbury Festival, Dimensions, Unibeat Festival and many more.

2 x 12", Vinyl, LP, Album