Ghetto Chords - Fuif EP
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1. A1 Get On Up
2. A2 Just Can't Get Enough
3. B1 Ghetto Jazz
4. B2 Rainbows

La Fête Recordings

Ghetto Chords - Fuif EP

La Fête Recording is the new music lab for the parent company Imported, which, after 3 various releases in 3 years on its flagship Imported Recordings, offers a fresh twist, with a brand new sublabel, ready to conquer all the bazaar from here to the moon. Behind this word "fête" (party in English) that seems innocuous, hides the singular project to make everyone dance, without half-measure and always with the pleasure in focus. Fuif, evening or party in Dutch, is the synonym chosen by Ghetto Chords to qualify a dancefloor-oriented EP, 100% groove, which simply makes you want to wiggle not to forget that life is, and must remain a nice rave.

Vinyl, 12", EP