Gianni Marchetti - Disposta A Tutto (Danilo Braca Revisions)
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1. A - Un'altra Donna (Danilo Braca Revision)
2. B1 - Free Pop (Danilo Braca Revision)
3. B2 - Tromba In Chiave D'amore (Danilo Braca Revision)

Poliedizioni Italy

Gianni Marchetti - Disposta A Tutto (Danilo Braca Revisions)

Gianni Marchetti is one of Italy's best kept secrets... A composer with a long and elaborate list of writing credits in both pop music and movie soundtracks.

He penned proper anthems in Italy's post-war melodic tradition. Amongst his large and varied oeuvre, in 1977-1978 he composed and recorded the original soundtrack for the skin flick 'Disposta A Tutto'

A slow-burning mix of funky clavinets, scat vocals, wah wah guitars and sultry tenor sax lines, all tied together by a distinctly Italian sensibility.

Rather than fading into obscurity, the soundtrack became a prized collector's item for DJ's and rare groove enthusiasts. In 2019, Heristal and Danilo Braca (AKA Dany B) are very proud to present a new version of 3 tracks from the Disposta A Tutto soundtrack, edited and extended for maximum dancefloor impact.

Vinyl, 12", EP