Giovanni Damico - The Boogie Tracks LP
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1. A1 Spazio E Tempo
2. A2 Boogie Erogeno
3. A3 Bday Mood
4. A4 Puma Beat
5. B1 Rise Up
6. B2 The G Sound
7. B3 New Directions
8. B4 Stream Of Souls

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Star Creature

Giovanni Damico - The Boogie Tracks LP

Star Creature continuing its pursuit of bold LPs, this time teaming up with Italian Disco Don, Giovanni Damico. With recent major dance floor releases on Lumberjacks in Hell and Kalakuta Soul, Damico shifts gears to his Italian roots to give us a modern funk twist on Italo and Space Boogie with the left field leaning Boogie Tracks LP. The test presses were teased out and circulated in the scene over a year ago and we've been getting requests for the release since then. Major support on the underground circuit since then.

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