Gwakasonne - Vwayaje (2xLP)
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1. 1 Atmosphere
2. 2 W3
3. 3 Karayib
4. 4 Suzy
5. 5 Vou
6. 6 Siklon
7. 7 Pita
8. 8 Nirvacina
9. 9 Respé
10. 10 Lewoz
11. 11 Rekreasyon
12. 12 Algerie 62

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Gwakasonne - Vwayaje (2xLP)

“Stop here!” exclaimed Robert Oumaou as we passed a mango tree on the side of the road just outside of Point-a-Pitre, the balmy capital of Guadeloupe. He filled a plastic bag with ripe fruit, and we set off on our journey across the small Caribbean island in search of musicians he hadn’t seen in years. On the way, we shared stories in broken French and English, stopping at truck stops to eat delicious fried fish. Robert took me to his hometown, and placed a mango and a flower on the grave of his teacher and mentor, a local poet. The seeds of Vwayajé (Traveller) were sewn on this trip, but shortly after returning home, I heard that Robert was ill, and he sadly passed away in 2018. This compilation was originally intended as a way to share Robert’s brazen work with a wider global audience, but it now also serves to immortalize his indomitable spirit.

2 x 12" Vinyl, LP, Album