Gwen McCrae - Melody Of Life
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1. A1. All This Love That I'm Giving
2. A2. I Can Only Think Of You
3. A3. Maybe I'll Find Sombody New
4. A4. I Found A Love
5. B1. The Joy
6. B2. Ease The Pain
7. B3. The Melody Of Life


Gwen McCrae - Melody Of Life

End to end, back to back solid gold SOUL & FUNK bombs are what's contained on this slab of wax! That's right, Gwen's 1979 LP has lashings of dope drums, wriggly bass synths, brass and of course, THAT voice! Absolutely stellar tracks on here - 'all this love that I'm giving' - famously sampled by Cassius on their infamous smash 'feeling for you' is actually the album opener! The whole album unfolds from this point and we're treated to the classy, string laden 'I can only think of you' next. All in all this album has always been one of those rare LP's that has soul fans frothing at the mouth, traditionally a very tough one to track down and always commanding high prices on the collectors market. Released on TK Disco's CAT offshoot label and produced by the equally legendary Betty Wright (!) this is one sure shot that you'll need on your shelf and on your turntable if you're into this kind of flavour!

Vinyl, LP, Reissue