Halvtrak - Glass Movers
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1. A1. Glass Movers
2. A2. Fresnel Zones
3. B1. Glass Movers (Chinaski Remix)
4. B2. Paralisis

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Halvtrak - Glass Movers


Halvtrak has gathered a following. The previous releases by the Finn on Don’t Be Afraid and BAKK teased an appetite among techno heads for his Detroit infused and texturised sound and unexpected grooves. Moving towards warmer tones, his latest output on a new London/Helsinki label Cold Blow enters him further into Detroit’s past.

As an unexpected treat, the title track has been re-imagined by the very special Chinaski with his trademark ghoul sound so reminiscent of old horror films now blended with sharp electro and EBM vibe. Chinaski has been busy of late with a Berghain live set as well as his fine River’s End EP on Uncanny Valley and Ghost Rider on Live at Robert Johnson. From relentless groove to darker places, this is Halvtrak’s most refined release yet as he becomes an Illuminator of his own ascent."

Vinyl, 12", EP