Hania Rani - Esja LP
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1. A1 - Eden
2. A2 - Sun
3. A3 - Hawaii Oslo
4. A4 - Pour Trois
5. A5 - Biesy
6. B1 - Luka
7. B2 - Glass
8. B3 - Today It Came
9. B4 - Esja
10. B5 - Now Run

Gondwana Records

Hania Rani - Esja LP

"I think I am the same as an artist and as a person. Music is my way of communication and I see the art, the music as a whole thing, with no borders, divisions, or even genres."

Hania Rani is a pianist, composer and musician who splits her life between Warsaw, where she makes her home, and Berlin where she studied and often works. She has written for strings, piano, voice and electronics and has collaborated with the likes of Christian Löffler, Dobrawa Czocher and Hior Chronik, and released an album with her Polish group last year. She has performed at some of the most prestigious venues in Europe - from the National Philharmony in Warsaw, to Funkhaus in Berlin, to The Roundhouse in London (where she made her debut at the Gondwana 10th anniversary festival last October) and at festivals such as Open'er, Scope Festival and Eurosonic. Her compositions for solo piano were born out of a fascination with the piano as an instrument, and her desire to interpret its sound and harmonic possibilities in their entirety and in her own way.

LP comes with heavy weight reverse board sleeve including a double sided printed insert plus digital download code.

Vinyl, LP, Album