HE3 Project - Make It Sweet
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1. A1. Make It Sweet
2. B1. We All Have Our Own Lives

Family Groove Records

HE3 Project - Make It Sweet

Previously Unreleased Bay-Area Soul/Funk by the HE3 Project, studio name for Herman Eberitzsch III. These two recordings are from the Coke Escovedo sessions that landed his record deal with Mercury Records in 1975. This alternate demo version of 'Make It Sweet' is a rawer and higher energy version than the classic Coke version on his Self-Titled album for Mercury. Praised by DJs and tastemakers worldwide. This is peak dancefloor material. A classic! On the flip-side 'We All Have Our Lives' is a deep, soulful jazz tune with a universal message of peace and unity that could have easily fit into the Strata-East or Black Jazz Catalog in the 1970s.

Vinyl, 7", EP, Reissue