Hessel Veldman - Eigen Boezem LP
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1. 1 Tale
2. 2 The Blue Intro
3. 3 He Said
4. 4 Got Nothing To Do
5. 5 Bte
6. 6 The Tattooed Fetus
7. 7 Je Ne Pas Le Pain
8. 8 Broken Chairs
9. 9 Everyone Has Left Us Tonight
10. 10 ...And More
11. 11 Walkin'
12. 14 In Biberach

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Hessel Veldman - Eigen Boezem LP

"Tucked away in the Dutch underground of the early 80’s a young Hessel Veldman created his own music world in the small industrial sea town of IJmuiden. It was a world recorded on tapes and reels. A world where things happened according to personal logic based on sonic exploration, electronic sounds and improvisation. The approach was intimate, at times light-hearted, but often following deep inner contemplation and total immersion in the creative process. Above all, music was made according to the Do-It-Yourself principle of the home-taping culture."

Vinyl, LP, Album