HVL - Rhythmic Sonatas 2LP
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1. A1. Eyes In The Sky
2. A2. F12 (Korg Patch Mix)
3. B1. Alien Discotheque
4. B2. Badskit
5. B3. Satovlia
6. B4. Repeated Eye Contact
7. C1. Bilateral Symmetry
8. C2. Dabalsikhshiruli Rkheva
9. D1. Noboru's Arp
10. D2. Nabolara

HVL - Rhythmic Sonatas 2LP

HVL has been a resident at Bassiani since day one. Not many others have shaped the sound of the humble home of our label more than Gigi Jikia. "Rhythmic Sonatas" showcases his take on the sound beneath the Tbilisi national stadium. Versatile in style, picky in the selection he has appeared on underground labels, both Georgian and international. Starting off with HVL's informed take on techno, it's within the first few tracks, that the LP takes a turn. Did someone say rave samples? Did the beat just break? Right in the middle we find ourselves in an atmospherically charged sketch, floating between spheres. The juicy sound journey into the heart of Georgian underground electronics continues with well-crafted melodies and tempting experimental grooves. This is one of HVL's strongest releases to date.

2 x 12" Vinyl, LP, Album