I Blagueur - Balla? No! ... / Ti 'D Bale
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1. 1 Balla? No!
2. 2 Ti 'D Bale?
3. 3 Balla (Pellegrino's Interregional Mix)
4. 4 Balla (Instrumental Dub)

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Dualismo Sound

I Blagueur - Balla? No! ... / Ti 'D Bale

Blagueur’s cult single “Balla? No! …” finally gets a reissue by Italian imprint Dualismo Sound. Italo Electro Boogie banger packed with a weird rap in Italian and in Piemontese dialect. On the flip side Pellegrino from Early Sounds Recordings delivers an alternative mix and an instrumental dub. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies plus an exclusive insert with lyrics and additional liner notes.

Vinyl, 12", Reissue, Ltd. 500 Copies