Ilana Bryne - Strange Adventure
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1. A1 - Exclusive Shit Holds No Weight
2. A2 - I Used To Love T_H_E_M_
3. B1 - Theoretical Medical Genitals
4. B2 - Theoretical Medical Genitals (Russell E_L Butlers BootyMix)
5. B3 - Lemme C U Squiggle

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Ilana Bryne - Strange Adventure

US midwestern gem Ilana Bryne is back on the label and, once again, she's got you covered for grade "A" contemplative-but-propulsive groovers, perfectly timed for these trying days. Like her debut EP "Low Earth Orbit" from last year, "Strange Adventure" layers sharp rhythms and playful touches with ethereal atmospheres and open spatiality. But stagnating she is not; her pristine production turned even brighter on this one, reaching a level of sonic and compositional finesse that has to be heard to be believed.

Vinyl, 12", EP