Impérieux - Modus Operandi EP
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1. A1 - Mondbad
2. A2 - Terra Incognita
3. B1 - Modus Operandi
4. B2 - Cadenza

Sum Over Histories

Impérieux - Modus Operandi EP

Modus Operandi, an EP by Impérieux, is the latest release from Sum Over Histories, the label from Frankey & Sandrino that champions introspective sounds for reflective times.

There’s an air of mystery surrounding Impérieux. The Bulgarian-born artist prefers to avoid the spotlight and work diligently on music instead, building a sound influenced by the underground scene in Sofia and his Turkish roots.

Impérieux began production of Modus Operandi in Bulgaria, and continued throughout his move to Berlin last year. The artist says it was a melancholic time; dealing with culture shock and a new language was challenging even without a pandemic. This EP is a reflection of that.

Dark and brooding, simplistic and surreal, Impérieux took inspiration from the fantasy worlds of novelist Murukami and named the tracks after his work.

Vinyl, 12", EP