James Massiah - Natural Born Killers (Ride For Me) 7"
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1. A1. Natural Born Killers (Ride For Me) - P. O'Grady Mix
2. B1. 144,000

James Massiah - Natural Born Killers (Ride For Me) 7"

South London poet / DJ James Massiah steps forth with his self-produced solo debut released on NTS mainstay Jon Rust’s Levels label.

Ethereal, lofty vibes delivered in a buoyant dancehall / house hybrid. In “Natural Born Killers” Massiah testifies to a newfound earthly love and guilt free living, inspired by a search for meaning in a selfish world.

All tracks on the EP were written & produced by James Massiah himself, as he continues in his mission to elude the pigeonholing of his talents (Poet, DJ, Producer, Artist). The vinyl edition features a mix for dance floors from a certain Pete O’Grady, whose support Massiah has enjoyed over recent years, with Joy O regularly weaving Massiah’s acapellas into his sets ever since the release of the latter’s Euthanasia Party / 27 collection of poems.

“144,000” on the b-side, is a dark Memphis inspired cut not to be overlooked, while “Last Dance” (available on the digital release) finds Massiah riding high on his more Chicago house leanings.

Vinyl, 7", EP