Japan Blues ‎– Sells His Record Collection
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1. A1 The Sun Goddess Steps Out In Old Asakusa
2. A2 Tepco Shareholder
3. A3 Everything Passes
4. B1 The Land Of The Gods Under Concrete
5. B2 10,000 Forgotten Ghost Stories
6. B3 Yakuza No Uta

Japan Blues ‎– Sells His Record Collection


Almost in time for the third anniversary of Japan Blues' show on NTS radio - a monthly Japanese musical nabemono, occasionally straying into other Asian territories. The self-released album's six tracks form an atmospheric Nipponese travelogue, with some underbelly tourist spots taken in on the way. The track-listing is printed on a lovely hand-made paper insert, to confound the download card fetishists.

Vinyl, LP