Jeen Bassa - Cassava Pone (1 Per Customer)
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1. A1 Microphone Hunt (Jeen Trio)
2. A3 Blunt Talking
3. A5 Play This Game (Money)
4. A7 We Can Change Now
5. A8 The Thing (To Do)
6. B1 How I Do It
7. B3 Get You (I Say)
8. B5 Hold You Down
9. B7 Ancestral Rivers
10. B8 A Phone Call Away
11. B9 Real Diggers Only
12. B10 The Moon Revolution

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Jeen Bassa - Cassava Pone (1 Per Customer)


New LP from the youngest of the outrageously talented Deenmamode brothers (Mo Kolours & Reginald Omas Mamode IV), Jeen Bassa. 'Cassava Pone' follows up on his hugely successful 'All My People' and 'Timewaves' LP's on 22a. Vinyl only, strictly limited one-off pressing, once it's gone it's gone!

Vinyl, LP, Album, No Repress, Vinyl Only, Ltd. 350 Copies