Jeff Majors - For Us All (Yoka Boka)
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1. 1. Yasmeen (Clip)
2. 2. Chant (Clip)
3. 3. Let It Be (Clip)
4. 4. (If I Can) Help Somebody (Clip)
5. 5. Summertime (Clip)
6. 6. Nomad (Clip)
7. 7. Room 400 (Clip)
8. 8. Baby Daughter (Clip)
9. 9. For Us All (Yoka Boka) (Clip)

Jeff Majors - For Us All (Yoka Boka)

Private Press Spiritual Jazz from D.C's Jeff Majors. Featuring harp, drum machines and synths. Jeff was one of Alice Coltrane's students at the ashram. He also played in Brother Ah's band. Each song on this album is an inspired vision of the personal and the devotional via the harps universal gilstening range and Linn drums. Comes with info booklet. TIP!

Vinyl, LP, Reissue