Jeff Phelps - Magnetic Eyes LP
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1. A1 Magnetic Eyes (Instrumental)
2. A2 Don't Fall Apart On Me (Feat. Antoinette Marie Pugh)
3. A3 Super Lady 3:21
4. A4 Wrong Space, Wrong Time
5. A5 Sometime Lover
6. B1 Phase Shift (Instrumental)
7. B2 K-Shell
8. B3 Hear My Heart (Feat. Antoinette Marie Pugh)
9. B4 On The Corner
10. B5 Excerpts From Autumn (Instrumental)


Jeff Phelps - Magnetic Eyes LP

Reissue from this incredible disco-funk album, originally released in 1985 on Engineered For Sound. The original is impossible to get now and goes for $$$ on ebay and the likes. A total must for those into Dam-Funk, James Pants and the likes. Comes with reccommendations and write-ups from Dam-Funk and Nite Jewel on the front (in the form of a sticker - placed on the plastic protection sleeve) TIP!! Cleaned and remastered from the original tracks. Comes with original artwork and including a lyrics sheet.

Vinyl, LP, Reissue