Jehan - Sucre Sale EP
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1. A1 Sugar Riderz (interlude) (Clip)
2. A2 Sucre Sale (Clip)
3. A3 Pop Corn (Clip)
4. B1 Jambalaya Avenue (Clip)
5. B2 Miel Et Beurre feat. Sune (Clip)

Jehan - Sucre Sale EP


Jehan steps in for Honey Butter’s fourth release, having previously made appearances on the eminent Star Creature.

Sucre Sale EP is a self-portrait that shows of Jehan’s cordial take on house. This side hosts the sun-kissed title track along with thumping stabs on Pop Corn and one sweet interlude.

That side explores the classic cuisines of New Orleans and finishes off the EP in a joint effort with label head Sune in Miel Et Beurre.

Vinyl, 12", EP