JKriv feat. Adeline - Vertigo (Remixes)
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1. A1 - Original Club Mix
2. A2 - Yuksek Remix
3. B1 - JN Spirit of 78 Mix
4. B2 - JKriv Dub

Z Records

JKriv feat. Adeline - Vertigo (Remixes)

Razor-N-Tape co-head JKriv delivers a modern disco anthem for his first outing on Joey Negro’s Z Records with ‘Vertigo’. Written by J and singer Adeline, ‘Vertigo’ is a sprawling production, with dazzling live instrumentation (performed primarily by J himself), soaring string orchestrations, and classic extended 12”-style breakdowns.

Adeline, best known as the singer of live disco outfit Escort, serves up the infectious hook with a soulful and confident swagger reminiscent of Chaka or Whitney in their prime. Respectively modern and retro in all the right places, Vertigo has a freshness and a familiarity to it all at once, and is certain to get the dance floor spinning!

Vinyl, 12", EP