Joe - Get Centred
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1. A1. Get Centred
2. B1. Line to earth
3. B2. Rio Lea


Joe - Get Centred

After an intrepid new phase in the label’s history - initiated by the “Solidarity Forever” series and followed by releases from Katerina, Mujaji The Rain, Gladkazuka and also Matias Aguayo’s “Support Alien Invasion” (w/ “Crammed Discs”) - Cómeme is happy to announce a new release by a wonderful and unique artist, who chooses to walk adventurous paths beyond nowadays musical normativity, and media spectacle: JOE.

(You might already be acquainted with his releases on the ever - exciting “Hessle Audio” label) On his first EP on Cómeme, JOE invites us to “Get Centred” via fresh sounds, perfect beats, and unusual time signatures – difficult to play, and easy to dance!

Vinyl, 12", Reissue