Joel Sarakula - Companionship LP
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1. 01 Midnight Driver
2. 02 Indigo Night
3. 03 King Of Clowns
4. 04 Im Still Winning
5. 05 Sunshine Makes Me
6. 06 Harmony
7. 07 London Road
8. 08 Reunion Island
9. 09 Dont Give Up On Me
10. 10 Game Of Spies

Joel Sarakula - Companionship LP

On his new record "Companionship", London-based Soft-Rock, Soul and Disco artist Joel Sarakula keeps the mood easy and the grooves deep. Ten new songs see Sarakula develop a deeper, more introspective lyrical style from his previous works as he celebrates and laments friendships, love and loneliness. Interspersed with a few standout up-tempo tracks to keep the ship sailing, "Companionship" is a chill-out album and listening experience of the highest order.

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