José Pharos (Jacky Giordano) - Boucles Rythmiques

Le Très Groove Club

José Pharos (Jacky Giordano) - Boucles Rythmiques

After launching Le Tres Jazz Club, Fuzati (Klub des Loosers) and Modulor are now starting Le Tres Groove Club, their new label dedicated to vinyl reissues of groove masterpieces.This second release keeps on honouring Jacky Giordano's work, who is going disco on this "Boucles Rythmiques" album. Le Tres Groove Club keeps on honoring Jacky Giordano's work who appears here under his < Jose Pharos > pseudonym.

On this record, which is under the radar of many record library collectors, Jacky Giordano goes disco but in a melancolic and low-fi way (even if some tracks could have been on his < Pop in devil's train > library), which makes this sound library so unique.

Vinyl, LP, Reissue