Jose Rico - Star Dreams - Vinyl Record

Jose Rico - Star Dreams

LABEL:   Downbeat

Downbeat lives up to its name and step by step, is slowly making its way. The new release of the label from Madrid is signed by one of the label's honchos, Jose Rico. Influenced by the US sound, he has achieved a unique and special sound. Jose's trajectory for more than a decade as a producer is impeccable. The list of labels where he has released is endless: Freebeat, Semantica, Eleve, Aesthetic Audio, Into the deep, Sound reflection, Off minor, Neroli, Chubby!, Ten lovers music to name a few... but above all Downbeat where he has left genuine jewels of slowed down house.
Now he returns with a release that is quite different from that "Yagoba Itzoiten" or his recent "Déjà Vu". The label begins a new stage, opening up to new sounds unexplored until now, as can be seen in tracks like "Astrolenguaje", "Future jazz" (with Specter and Anthonius) or "Star dreams" which gives name to the album as a declaration of intent. Downtempo, Nu jazz, broken beats and of course, House music, is what we can find in this instalment number 13.

Vinyl, 12", EP 

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