Josh Wink - Aries In Mars (Ovum 300!)


Josh Wink - Aries In Mars (Ovum 300!)

300 releases... Let’s let that sink in for a moment. 300 chapters in the on-going tale of Ovum. Chapters written for the dancefloor from the heart over the course of 25 years by some of the greatest names to ever touch the controls; King Britt to DJ Sneak, Levon Vincent to Loco Dice and so many luminaries in between. Including Josh Wink. The man in the nucleus. The man who takes the honour of the 300th release with a song that resonates with his deepest core energies and sonic ideology.

His ‘Aries In Mars’… “When playing this new track for the family at home. My partner stopped what she was doing and started dancing. Afterwards she waxed her feelings from the song saying how strong she felt from it and commented about how it seemed based on my astrological sign of my ruling planet Mars being in my Aries, and how the track had strong, powerful, fiery and fierce fast paced animalistic passion.

So… I said ‘Wow. Okay.’ I went into the studio the next day and added the vocal, switching the two as it had a better rhythmic flow.” That flow needs to be heard to be understood; ‘Aries In Mars’ is a wily, bouncing eight minute Ovum opus that twists and turns and ricochets with physical acid charm, rolling beats and breakbeat vapour trails. It fizzes with every element of Wink’s signature but is delivered with a refreshed perspective and sense of vitality. Naturally it comes with the all essential drum and vox versions for that full creative mixing spirit that Ovum has always encouraged.

For those moments when all your selector stars have aligned. Your sun, your moon, you’re very welcome. The story continues…

Vinyl, 12", EP