Kalim Shabazz - Joy
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1. A - Joy (Kalim Shabazz Original)
2. B - Joy (DJ Kemit The Lounge Lizards Remix)

Kalim Shabazz - Joy

When you inject church into soulful house in a most subtle and effective way, you get the newest release from Kalim Shabazz in the form of “Joy”. What I like about this track is the fact that it is not overpowering like a lot of spiritual house tunes akin to this one. The vocalist delivers and doesn’t try to compete with the world or themselves. The subtly of Shabazz’s production is perfect and grounds everything as it clocks in at about 126.5 bpm. DJ Kemit’s The Lounge Lizards Remix of “Joy” (126 bpm) adds that ATL sound with a little bit of an extra bounce and groove but doesn’t take away from the feel of of the tune. The remix production fits the vocals just as easily as the original. It is a safe bet for either to be a choice mix for the DJ. Highly recommended!

Vinyl, 12", EP