Kask - Rebutia Senilis

Cactus Traxx

Kask - Rebutia Senilis

Rebutia senilis is native to the high elevations of South America, specifically the mountains of Bolivia and Argentina, where it can be found hugging craggy rocks and growing in small clusters. Named for its wispy senile strands of fine white hair, Rebutia senilis produces extravagantly large and beautiful flowers within two to three years of initial growth.

Our botanists strive to source and produce high-quality specimens to enrich your mind as well as your ears. After many months in the field our team has returned with a diverse selection of sonic seedlings. Following a series of meticulous experiments in our research facility each seedling has been deemed safe for general propagation and cleared for release.

Vinyl, 12" + 2x Cactus Seeds