Ketiov - King Of Hypocrisy LP
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1. A1. Kindness
2. A2. The Wait
3. A3. Nothing is for Free
4. A4. Dual Morality
5. A5. Life Chapters
6. B1. Broken Heart Vessel
7. B2. Record of Thoughts
8. B3. Nocontext
9. B4. Complexity of Life
10. B5. Today

Ketiov - King Of Hypocrisy LP

Following on from his percussion driven “Rhythm Trainx Vol 2” EP on the renowned Running Back Ketiov returns with something special for the fourth outing on his own self-titled label. The “King Of Hypocrisy” LP is a journey of personal development and musical discovery built around soundscapes, field recordings and new monotone arrangements. From the start the Ketiov alias has been about free expression and musical direction and in stark contrast to the Running Back EP this record shows the broad spectrum of the artist’s influences and inspirations. Each track holds a special meaning and background story, written in private and kept private until totally finished. From the spooky vocals of “the Wait” to the blissed-out guitars of “Today” and the analogue arpeggiators of “Dual Morality” the ten short tracks come together as an exceptional personal listening experience, which leave us wondering… what else does Ketiov have in store for the future?

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