Krystal Klear - Euphoric Dreams / Miyoki
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1. A. Euphoric Dreams
2. AA. Miyoki

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Running Back

Krystal Klear - Euphoric Dreams / Miyoki

How do you go on after a feast like "The Division" - especially if it included a main course like Neutron Dance? You don’t! And you don’t even have to try. But like with any great meal, one can do magic with the leftovers (see chop suey, stew or goulash for further reference).

In any case, Krystal Klear doesn’t need to worry about that. Having cracked the DNA code of "dance music" on his first EP for Running Back, this double-A-side-follow-up-single feels alive, floats upstream and fires on all cylinders.

While Euphoric Dreams is the musical incarnation of an Alexander Shulgin formula (your spine gets tingled all the way including a wonderfully prolonged break down) or the scoring of the proverb that at the bottom of patience one finds heaven and happiness is just around the bend.

Speaking of which, Miyoki does exactly that to every pair of knees around. A relentless bass line and a deadly snare (yes, you thrill me, when you fill me) are enough to force almost any kind of dance floor into submission.

*Freely adapted from Les Femmes - Yes, You Thrill Me - Kee Wee, 1984

Vinyl, 12", EP