L±R - The Rambler EP

Asking For Trouble

L±R - The Rambler EP

...it must affect the brain in some way, unless it’s just the music that does it? All them lights flashing don’t do you any good either...

Recorded in Curve Pusher’s former Hackney premises over a series of sessions during 2016-2017, L-R is the name for the sounds that have emerged from the collaboration of friends Simon Lynch (London Modular Alliance), Monoak (Freerotation) and Radioactive Man. Oscillating modular sequences from the units Simon brought to sessions, multi-MPC powered beat programming, and TB 303 patterns being fed to a MiniMoog is the backbone of this record, some of the last sessions at Curvepusher studio, London, before its move to Hastings. Where we get the best out of these three singular producers.

Asking for Trouble is Keith Tenniswood (Radioactive Man’s) record label - established in 2017 to home his solo and collaborative studio work. 

Vinyl, 12", EP