La Compagnie Creole - A.I.E (Larry Levan Remixes)
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1. A. A.I.É (The L.L. Club Mix)
2. B. A.I.É (The L.L. Dub)


La Compagnie Creole - A.I.E (Larry Levan Remixes)

Since 2019 the collective of Parisian partygoers, Pardonnez-Nous, have decided to launch their own label. Just like their parties, their goal is to shine a light on dancing music.

Constantly looking for new tracks to enlighten the dancefloors, their outings are in line with the vision of deejaying defended by its founders. Finding forgotten pieces that are the geneses of dance music and mixing them with more contemporary sounds. Re-editions, edits, remixes or original productions the label doesn’t just stick to one style but aspires to represent all the music of partying!

For its 1st release, the label strike hard and unearthed a quite surprising hidden track by one of the most famous band from the French Islands.

La Compagnie Créole: born in 1975, this mythical band known by all the francophones will be remembered by future generations, thanks to all those super hits spread over the course of 23 albums, mixing music from the Antilles, Guyane and popular tunes from the French metropole.

Amongst all those classics, making people dance in all the French ballrooms, one stands out: A.I.É, written by Daniel Vangarde in 1987, his Creole lyrics and melodies have won over the entire francophone diaspora, as well as the rest of Europe and North America.

From then on, in 1988, a NY DJ, known by the name of Larry Levan, produced a remix of this track for the soundtrack of the film Sweet Lies. A mix not released, which remained relatively unknown up to this point. “Pardonnez-Nous” (Excuse us), but here it is.

Vinyl, 12", EP