Leon x Leon - Rokando EP
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1. A1 - Rokanbo
2. A2 - Formant Sweep
3. A3 - Jungle Juice
4. B1 - Red Footpath
5. B2 - Horizon

Cracki Records

Leon x Leon - Rokando EP


A doctor by day and a musician by night, Leon x Leon has been producing songs in his Parisian home studio since 2013, where house, italo-disco and boogie are mixing. When he was younger, he was immersed in music by taking jazz drum lessons at the conservatoire, and especially by seeing his father, a sound engineer, who had been building his own synthesizers since the 1970s. As a tribute, he used one of these unique synthesizers on a title of the disc.

After a remarkable remix of Cerrone's "Funk Makossa" and several tracks on various from “ Red Laser Disco”, he released his project My Solar Brass on the same English label in 2017. Organizer of many Parisian parties, he also participated in the founding of the publishing label “Good Plus". With the release of Rokanbo on Cracki Records, Leon x Leon signs a mature EP with the influence of different styles.

The first eponymous title is a manifesto mixing Acid, House and Zouk. As soon as we launch the track, the pop & acid 80's sounds takes us to another world... A UFO from the Islands! The other parts of the EP don't leave us in the lurch! “Formant Sweep” delivers a soft and groovy bass that responds to an endless, spatial synthetic takeoff. On “Red Footpath”, the harder kick cleverly blends with an atmospheric blanket and a bright, lively flute solo straight from an abandoned piece of bamboo on a deserted beach. After that, “Jungle Juice” lets a crazy keyboard solo resonate in the middle of tropical fauna and flora, and finally on “Horizon”, the EP ends in beauty with an airy atmosphere. This last piece sounds like a beautiful sunset at the end of a long summer day.

Through all these tracks, Rokanbo EP offers us a clever contrast between synthetic notes and the warmth of tropical groove, and places our gaze towards the horizon, seeking the groove to disturb its line on the infinite sea.

Vinyl, 12", EP