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1. A1. Tocaedo
2. B1. Backup
3. B2. Romaní Crua



LFOFL001 is the first release of this newly formed label, product of the studio collaboration between the experienced music duo LFOFL.

A1 holds a special place since it was one of their first productions, defining their sound and workflow in the studio. Driving energy, crispy drum sounds and well crafted pads make this one a perfect track for the early morning hours. B1 is one of these tracks that stay glued in your mind and you can’t stop humming their melody. Evolving basslines, forceful kick drums and an elegant lead make “Backup” one to remember. B2 is showcasing the duos attention to detail when it comes to minimalism in music making. Few elements arranged in a way that make the track progress flawlessly to a proper mind bending groove.

Focus and hard work ethic are the key elements of this collaboration. During endless studio sessions the duo has defined their characteristic sound and more material will be coming out soon. Staying quiet. Working hard. Together. - LFOFL

Vinyl, 12", EP