Lloyd Stellar - Esoteric Enterprise - Vinyl Record

Lloyd Stellar - Esoteric Enterprise

LABEL:   Gated

ARTISTS: Lloyd Stellar
RELEASE DATE: 2021-12-01
FORMAT: 12 Inch Vinyl
GENRE: Electro, Breaks

If you've ever had the feeling that things just don't make sense, that there's a hidden world of dark magic waiting in the dead spaces, the forgotten corners... well this is the music for you.

Dutchman Erik Griffioen's obsession with the esoteric is well known, and for some time his Lloyd Stellar alias has focused on this sense of the world just out of view.

Griffioen runs LDI Records as an outlet for his prolific creativity, but this release for Gated pulls from his early works, the tracks that almost got away.

This is one-strobe-in-a-dark-room electro, which rides the fine line that exists somewhere between euphoria and madness. It's relentlessly underground. And we love it.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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