Lo Kindre - Private Worlds (Ltd. 300 Copies)
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Lo Kindre - Private Worlds (Ltd. 300 Copies)

Glasgow-based musician and producer Lo Kindre is at the heart of his local electronic music scene. He has previously released on Optimo Music and is a serial collaborator with MR TC, most recently launching the Phase Group label together. He’s played on Red Light Radio, LYL Radio, supported the legendary Adrian Sherwood, and put out records with the widely lauded Austrian label Neubau as well as Glasgow's 12th Isle.

Private Worlds is Lo Kindre’s most thoughtful and introspective release yet, seeing him reach once again for the spaced out dubby recesses of electronic music, adding-in a ladleful of drone and some choice samples to create something that sounds fresh and new.

Vinyl, 12", EP, Ltd. 300 Copies