Local Group - Fresh Rhythms EP
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1. A1. Baby Talk
2. A2. Fresh Rhythm
3. B1. Stolen Dreams
4. B2. Back In the Daze

Local Group - Fresh Rhythms EP

UK duo Local Group (aka Corporeal Face and LMajor) follow up their sold out ‘Laser Done’ EP and appearance on ‘Secret Rave 4’ with a ‘Fresh Rhythms’ EP that may contain tracks up to three years old.

After last summer’s appearance at Field Maneuvers, the Oxford festival they’re residents at, one punter requested ‘Local Group for 36 hours straight’ in 2020. Negotiations are on-going. In the meantime, this four-tracker provides almost 25 minutes of their ‘Field Maneuvers famous’ sound.

Vinyl, 12", EP