London Modular Alliance - Precious Materials
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1. A1. Peach Hat
2. A2. Harnessed Black Holes
3. B1. Lavendah
4. B2. Precious Materials

Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART)

London Modular Alliance - Precious Materials

After some ground-breaking live shows and their 2016 debut release for ART - London Modular Alliance have gone from strength to strength to become one of the most in-demand and popular electronic acts. Their brash yet sophistictaed brain-melting tracks have been featured at clubs and festivals worldwide incl. London’s Planetarium, Reaktor - Amsterdam, Printworks - London, etc. LMA themselves have described ART20 as their favourite collection yet - and indeed the production skills on display are stunningly impressive. Space and dynamics are tough to master yet when it is handled correctly it leaves room for a heavyweight sonic assault as displayed here. From the creepy, sinister yet tongue-in-cheek vibes of Lavendah - to the lush Detroit/IDM style breakdowns of Peach Hat. Harnessed Black Holes is the perfect cruiser track - stately and majestic whilst the EP ends with the throbbing, strobe light-only style of title track Precious Materials. Another landmark release from these fine purveyors of Electronica. ART is proud to present ART20 early this summer 2019.

Vinyl, 12", EP