Longhair - Mangostine EP (w/ Axel Boman Remix)
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1. A1 - Mangostine
2. A2 - Pans & Pots
3. B1 - Mangostine (Axel Boman Remix)
4. B2 - Aquamen

Renate Schallplatten

Longhair - Mangostine EP (w/ Axel Boman Remix)

Next on Berlin’s Renate Schallplatten is Longhair, a project formed by Marko Pelaic and Benedikt Bogenberger, two residents of Berlin’s Wilde Renate. Mangostine, a four-tracker, follows last year’s 12” on Dutch label Bordello A Parigi and a track contribution on House Is OK. It lands with an Axel Boman remix. The EP opens with the title track, its name drawn from the exotic fruit. Over a brooding bassline we hear light, fluttering melodies and uplifting keys, creating a peak-time roller that’ll put smiles on faces across the dancefloor. “Pans & Pots,” the A2, starts as a darker affair with trippy vocal samples and fluttering drum patterns, before warm keys and intricate instrumentation lift the mood to make for a fun-filled jam peak-hours feel-good jam. On the flip, Studio Barnhus head Axel Boman reworks the title track into a more subtle, deeper cut; the melodies remain but in the background, replaced at the forefront by tribal drums and abstract vocals. Closer “Aquamen,” meanwhile, opens as a straight-edged techno cut with a heavy bassline and fluttering snares, before playful keys and intermittent sci-fi samples add some texture. It’s another late-night jam that’ll lift the energy without ever being too forceful. 

Vinyl, 12", EP