Los Miticos del Ritmo - Salvación 10" [Ltd. 300 Copies]


Los Miticos del Ritmo - Salvación 10" [Ltd. 300 Copies]


Los Miticos del Ritmo are a studio band put together by British musician and producer Will Holland aka Quantic. The dancefloor focused instrumental cumbias on this single were recorded directly to tape at Selva, featuring Will on acordeon alongside a mystical crew of ace Colombian percussionists.

Like the striking artwork by Matteo Rivano, a Colombian artist from Bogota who specialises in 50s comic book style artwork, the musical concept is vampire themed. The bright, tropical A-side Salvación means "saviour" presumably from the Vampiro Sabanero - "vampire of the desert" - lurking in the shadows of the B-side.

Vinyl, 10", EP, Ltd. 300 Copies

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