Luca Dell'orso - The Jolisa EP - Vinyl Record

Luca Dell'orso - The Jolisa EP

LABEL:   Bordello A Parigi

The Jolisa EP marks a significant shift in Luca dell’Orso’s sound. Although the electric hooks and rolling rhythms that characterise the dutchman’s signature style are still present, new avenues are explored. One notable change is the addition of vocals, care of the EP’s namesake: Jolisa. The opening, “Sixteen”, smoulders with a palpable intensity. Steady beats and textured pads support synth stabs as impassioned vocals recant a tale of past lessons. “Reach Out”, on the flip, is a different animal. Big and daring, chords chug next slicing snares while lyrics brim with hope. Two instrumental works balance the four tracker. “Nighttime” is perfectly sculpted with a soulful melody and clean percussion, vocoder lyrics giving a sorrowful slant to track. A true epic closes: “Tomorrow’s Already Here.” Bold keys and racing rhythms collide in this 80s steeped extravaganza, electro-disco and car chases in this incredible end. A defining EP from Luca dell’Orso.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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