Lucy Gooch - Rushing EP [Ltd. 200 Copies]
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1. A1. My Lights Kiss Your Thoughts Every Moment
2. A2. Rushing
3. A3. Stalagmites & Helictites
4. B1. Sun
5. B2. There Is A Space In Between

Past Inside The Present

Lucy Gooch - Rushing EP [Ltd. 200 Copies]

Based in Bristol, UK, experimental musician and vocalist Lucy Gooch is certainly a name to keep an eye on right now. While boasting little by way of discography, this being her debut EP which follows the self released 2018 record, 'Sun', she has all the hallmarks of an established synth-y siren. You heard it here first (possibly). Compris-ing five sumptuous tracks that are pared back but, upon closer inspection, incredibly deep and immersive, elements of Bjork and Imogen Heap are audible in the songs here. Warm notes, sensitive, ethereal vocals and a sense of real passion behind the work itself. The likes of 'Rushing' comes close to a sombre choral mood at times, 'There Is A Space In Between' could stand with the best ambient work, while 'Stalag-mites & Helictites' is a hypnotic journey into the inner mind. Or somewhere near.

Vinyl, 12", EP, Ltd. 200 Copies