Luke Vibert - presents… Modern Rave [2xLP]
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1. A1 - Numbas
2. A2 - Beef
3. A3 - Feel One
4. A4 - Fresh
5. B1 - Sky's The Limit
6. B2 - Dream
7. B3 - The Music
8. C1 - Feel Two
9. C2 - Groovy Break
10. C3 - Acid
11. D1 - Ecstasy
12. D2 - Better Forward

Luke Vibert - presents… Modern Rave [2xLP]

Part two in his trilogy of what seems like an aural romp through dance music’s key components, Luke Vibert follows up his ode to the ‘Amen break’ on the sumptuous ‘Luke Vibert presents Amen Andrews’, with a pretty damn thorough modelling of rave roots, in ‘Luke Vibert presents Modern Rave’.

When it comes to bashing out creative, highly complex, yet seemingly simplistic rave bangers, Luke Vibert certainly has the chops for delivering the goods in spades. As an innovator in the field for labels like Ninja Tune, Warp and Rephlex, Vibert digs deep into his floppy disc collection for a glorious ride through familiar samples and hooks, breakbeats and funky basslines and earworm melodies for an indispensable collection of feel good modern rave.

Vinyl, 2x12", LP