Luke Vibert - Valvable (2xLP)
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1. A1. Valvable
2. A2. Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas
3. B1. Whooda Thunsquit
4. B2. Sharon’s Tone
5. B3. Arse Conference
6. C1. Armtits
7. C2. Megamiga
8. C3. I Will Always Hate You
9. D1. Stockhousin’
10. D2. Gay Zing

I Love Acid

Luke Vibert - Valvable (2xLP)

Posthuman’s cult label reaches number 20 – featuring Luke Vibert’s return to the imprint named after his own iconic track, with a full album of purist acid. Ten tracks over a double album, all written on just three pieces of analogue early 1980’s hardware: Roland’s TB303, TR808, and JX3P. Housed in a gatefold sleeve & black paper inners with artwork by Cat Galcera, featuring the equipment used on the album and nothing more.

Records all hand-stamped, sleeves hand-numbered. Heavyweight 180gram vinyl. No digital. No represses.

2 x 12", Vinyl, LP, Album