Malin Genie - Anthropomorphic Sympathy 2LP
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1. A1 - You
2. A2 - Sopine
3. A3 - Dimlove
4. B1 - -*-
5. B2 - Empathy Master
6. B3 - For Edmond Belamy
7. B4 - Interlude
8. C1 - Anthropomorphic Sympathy
9. C2 - Singularity
10. C3 - November Subitizing
11. D2 - Lived II Time
12. D3 - Allopoiesis

Malin Genie

Malin Genie - Anthropomorphic Sympathy 2LP

Having built up his self titled label alongside his sterling work as part of Oscillat, Lazare Hoche and Will & Ink, the one and only Malin Genie delivers his debut solo album.

Moving beyond the pure club focus of his singles and EPs, the Genie has seized this opportunity to present a widescreen panorama of his sound, leading in with the subliminal ambience of "You" as a springboard to explore breaks, electro, techno, and especially IDM.

There are so many ideas swirling round Anthropomorphic Sympathy, it's hard to know where to begin describing it. A true headphone commute for the deep listener to burrow into.

Vinyl, 2x12", LP