Malverne Brume - Tendrils
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1. A1 - A Still Sunken Road
2. A2 - Dripped Log Last Stretch
3. A3 - Caught In The Exhaust Trails
4. A4 - Circling
5. B1 - Thrum
6. B2 - Ants Clip
7. B3 - Fleas Sanding The Concrete
8. B4 - Sunk Into Plastics


Malverne Brume - Tendrils

ALTER is proud to present ‘Tendrils’, the first LP release from London based artist & musician Malvern Brume. After gathering some hushed praise from the UK underground for a couple of excellent cassette releases and strong local live performances, ‘Tendrils’ is the first definitive document of the Malvern Brume sound world.

His instrumentation and sound sources would be considered familiar staples in the world of “experimental” music, but Salter does an admirable job of making them his own. Comprised of 8 pieces, this is electronic music at its core but a kind that sounds as if it’s being played through fog. Like spores growing on a damp surface. Densely composed and thick with an almost asphyxiating atmosphere - even during the record’s more minimal moments - track titles like ‘Caught In The Exhaust Trails’ and ‘Sunk Into Plastics’ only heighten the tone further.

Vinyl, 12", LP