Mamazu - New Light Remix EP
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1. A - Mamazu - Dada (Nicola Cruz Remix)
2. B - Mamazu - Alomalo (Rafae Aragon)

Hole And Holland

Mamazu - New Light Remix EP

New Light Remix EP’ presents two remixed tracks by Nicola Cruz and Rafael Aragon from Mamazu’s latest release via his label Hole and Holland. The remixes serve to create a psychedelic, folkloric sonic journey into the borderless realms of contemporary electronic music, transcending musical boundaries and exploring elements of mystique and ritual. This side’s ‘AloMlo’ remixed by Rafael Aragon, provides a stripped back journey that clicks, chimes and chants its way towards a progressive melody delivering a blissful head down and eyes closed finale. Nicola Cruz’s remix of ‘Dada’ on That side offers an expressive modular synthesized, psychedelic and percussive exploration into rhythm and sound.

Vinyl, 12", EP