Man Jumping - Jumpcuts 1: Khidja Remixes
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1. A1. Walk On, Bye (Khidja Remix)
2. B1. Down The Locale (Khidja Remix)

Emotional Rescue

Man Jumping - Jumpcuts 1: Khidja Remixes

To accompany the reissue of Man Jumping's Jumpcut album, Emotional Rescue offers 2 remix EPs that showcase the band's music with versions by contemporary producers.

Starting with stalwarts and friends in duo Khidja, it's not often you can put together a reissue that modern day wunder producers have requested, however, that is precisely what occurred. Badgering over several years about their love of Man Jumping and how they should be revered, when the call came that the reissue was happening, Khidja were the first names down.

Vinyl, 12", EP