Manami Kakudo - oar [Japan Import] - Vinyl Record

Manami Kakudo - oar [Japan Import]

LABEL:   Universal Music

Have a magical moment of music. A major debut work focusing on "songs" that has been highly evaluated from all directions. The long-awaited analogization with artwork and song order different from the CD. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, in addition to his solo activities, he is a percussionist / singer / songwriter who is active as a member of Shun Ishiwaka SONGBOOK PROJECT and supporting cero. This album "oar" released in 2020 is the first work focusing on "Uta", and in addition to being line-quinted in 9th place in "Music Magazine" magazine's 2020 best album <Japanese rock category>, Masafumi Gotoh It has been highly acclaimed, including being nominated for the "APPLE VINEGAR -Music Award-" established by (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION). In addition to the original songs with a unique atmosphere, covers of Maki Asakawa's "My Friday" and Fishmans' "Ikareta Baby" are included. Backed up by elite scenes such as Shun Ishiwaka, Hirofumi Nakamura, Shuta Nishida, Marty Holoubek, Wataru Mitsunaga, Yumiko Iwao, Yuka Nakato, Shuntaro Oishi, Shohei Amimori, and Shun Owada. A work that has blossomed its talents such as beautiful and ephemeral whisper voice, a world view of unique lyrics that show a nostalgic and strange scenery, and playful sound making.

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